Hydroponic Plant Grower™

Knysna Industrial, Knysna, South Africa


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See below for detailed instructions on how to assemble your HPG™

1. Lay the unit down as per photograph.

2. Slide the water feed pipes, coming from the reservoir, up through the grow tubes and connect to the water shower caps.

3. Locate the grow tubes in the water reservoir apertures and secure with screws.

4. Insert the water shower caps into the tops of the grow tubes

The unit can now be stood up on the pump housing end, upright, against a wall.

Install a wall bracket on each side and one in the middle of the grow tubes, high enough to allow the pump housing to be +- 150mm off the ground.

Use the cord provided to go around the hanging pipe and attach it to the hooks on the grow tubes below the water shower caps.

You now have a hanging unit, ready for the following steps:

Fill the Reservoir with water and replace the cap with the dip stick gauge.

Connect the power cable with the 12volt transformer and the digital timer attached to 220volt mains(Do not switch the plug on at this time). Check if all the wiring is secure, if so, then switch the unit on.

Select “manual” on the digital timer and allow the water pump to build pressure. Check for leaks and then place your finger in the plant apertures to check if the water is falling through the grow tubes. Then switch off the power at the wall plug.

Your HPG™ is now ready!

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