The Future Is Hydroponics, launches highly focused training opportunities, online learning center and supply shop..

The Future Is Hydroponics partners with growers, businesses, and community leaders that share their values to deliver as much quality information as possible. They want to encourage young people to pursue purposeful work and forge new careers in hydroponics, and also inspire families to grow their own food year-round.

“We believe in a future where food is grown by people you know and love.  We believe that with the right knowledge of growing techniques, people of all ages and backgrounds can play an important role in feeding their communities,” said Lucy Thairu, Founder of The Future Is Hydroponics.  “Together, we can contribute to a real food revolution across Africa and have a meaningful impact on local food economies.“

The announced launch is a natural progression for Ms. Thairu who developed Hydroponic Farms Botswana in 2016 while living in Botswana.  As a registered limited company, she was able to create an online community via Facebook where people could find and share information on trending hydroponic farming technology. She shared knowledge from her homeland Kenya, where at the time, the Kenyan youth were making great strides in hydroponic farming.  The Botswana government created a poverty eradication program that sought to bring backyard gardening ideas to its population and Lucy was honored to present her ideas.

At The Future is Hydroponics, they are setting out to educate, offer advice and help people set up their own systems. This new business in Kenya aims to bridge the gap between those just starting out in hydroponics and those who are experienced service providers. The Future Is Hydroponics will offer training opportunities, a supply shop, and the latest news & information. As the demand for hydroponics information and supply grows, the website will continue to evolve and support the needs of its clients and consumers.

“We want to be the change-makers that help others to find their place in the ever-evolving agriculture industry where hydroponics is shaping new ways to grow delicious and healthy food all year long.”

Through collaboration, open minds, and full transparency, The Future is Hydroponics believes that they can ignite Africa’s food revolution by empowering people of all ages with the skills to grow their own food.

The Future Is Hydroponics started with a simple but ambitious idea to bring a soil-less food growing system to the masses. By sharing information, supplies, and training opportunities, they hope to motivate, encourage, and inspire hydroponic farming as a more sustainable way of life across the continent.